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1st Lady Nadine Furr

1st Lady Nadine A. Furr was born and raised in the Washington, DC area. She was raised in the church since she was a baby and was filled with the Holy Ghost at 18. She has been serving the Lord for over 50 years. Music has always been her passion. She has been on multiple choirs and has also recorded with a gospel artist. For several years she was the lead drummer and the Director of the Adult Choir at Faith Miracle Deliverance Church where her uncle, Bishop Joseph Jackson was the pastor.

In 1997, her husband accepted the call to pastor and started Victorious Life of Faith Church. First Lady wears many hats at VLOFC. She currently heads the VLOFC Praise Team. Praise and Worship is her specialty.

Lady Furr is unique in her willingness and ability to adapt to various roles and do them well. She continues to inspire many with her hard work, dedication, and service to the Lord. She has learned from her mother that if you can’t find it in the word, then it’s just your opinion. Lady Furr doesn’t consider herself a preacher, however, she realizes her duty to exercise all of her God-given abilities to glorify her Lord!

In 2014, First Lady was the recipient of the “First Ladies Tea Award” given by Praise 104.1 Radio station of Washington, DC.​​

She has been married to Pastor Victor Furr for 36 years and they are the proud parents of 3 sons, Victor, Lorenzo (Britney), and Andrew.  They also have seven grandchildren, Ariel, Jeremiah, Olivia, Jordan, Naomi, Dylan, and Lorenzo, Jr.

She has never forgotten the inspiring words spoken by her late Grandmother, Mother Deloris Jackson which she still carries today, “Stay Wrapped Up, Tied Up, & Tangle Up In the Word of God!

Her Motto: Let the Praise Begin!

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