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Pastor Victor L. Furr IV

Pastor Victor L. Furr grew up in the Washington, DC metropolitan area where as a young man he chose the road that leads to certain destruction. For ten long years he struggled with addictions, incarceration, and saw all hope for his future fading away. It was only through the mercy and grace of God that he was saved. His life reached a turning point when God intervened against all odds and delivered him from the enemy and gave him a new life. This new life he dedicated to God.

In February of 1988 he was filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost and empowered for service. It was then that he began to realize that his destiny was not defeat but victory! He has dedicated his life from that time on to sharing the message of victory through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Furr became a member of the Faith Miracle Deliverance Church in 1987 where Elder Joseph Jackson was the pastor. In 1991 he accepted the call to preach and served as a minister for five years. It wasn’t long before God led him to launch out and pastor his own church. In 1996 he incorporated and became the founding pastor of the Victorious Life of Faith Church. The first service was held in January 1997 in the basement of his home. God also blessed him to start his own business which he named “AVISION” as an acknowledgement of the vision God gave to him as a youth.

Through it all his wife remained by his side and they have been married for 36 years. He and 1st Lady Nadine Furr are the proud parents of 3 sons, Victor, Lorenzo (Britney), & Andrew. They also have seven grandchildren: Ariel, Jeremiah, Olivia, Jordan, Naomi, Dylan, and Lorenzo, Jr.


It is the vision of our pastor that God’s people are taught and empowered to live a Victorious Life.

After years of pain and suffering,….THE TIME HAS COME!

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